United Africans of America.
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U.A.O.A. Early learning Community Co-op

United Africans of America Community Cooperative is committed to the unification of all African peoples residing in America. Through our work, we aim to motivate a collective force in progressing politically, financially and socially. Our play based early childhood center is a groundbreaking, family focused share that prepares young children for success as productive citizens of the African Diaspora.

Our community calendar operates in four semesters:

Semester 1: SELF In understanding who we are as individuals, we explore our talents, family tree, personal attributes and self sufficiency.

Semester 2: CULTURE In understanding who we are through culture, we explore areas of music, food and traditions throughout the African Diaspora.

Semester 3: COMMUNITY In understanding who we are by way of community, we explore and identify the people and resources within our neighborhoods and how to empower our people.

Semester 4: CONNECTIONS In understanding who we are through our connections, we explore our innate capabilities and resources to improve our current conditions and contribute to the collective of our people.

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