United Africans of America.
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The 5 Core Principles

Patronize those that support the betterment of OUR communities

  • Financial interdependence is necessary to developing our community and revitalizing OUR culture!
  • Your contribution to the Business/Consumer relationship is pivotal. Let the business know that it is important for you to patronize businesses within your community. Offer constructive criticism or positive feedback whenever applicable.
  • It also shows businesses that we support how important it is to circulate the monies back into the community.
  • This shows businesses that we understand the importance of our money resonating within our Community. This also helps the business get better by fixing problems they might have had or even building of strengths that were already present.

Have a brotherly/sisterly outlook towards one another

  • When you see someone, look them in their eyes and SPEAK! It starts with something as simple as that. Being cordial and inviting are basic qualities missing that help recalibrate the way we interact with one another.
  • When you encounter a UAOA supporter, offer the greeting of the day “Keep building!” and the response is “Brick by brick!” .
  • These actions help solidify the concept of Unity and create an open dialog that could result in friendships and possible networking opportunities.

See something wrong; do something right!

  • No more spectating and pulling out camera phones! Too many times we've sat around and witness an injustice right in front of our eyes and did nothing! It’s time that we stood up for our brothers and sisters! If they are being wronged, you are being wronged. If you are being wronged, we are all being wronged!
  • Stop the perpetuation of senseless violence by uploading it on the internet.
  • Record and Post positive events or acts that help Restore, Revive, and Reflect the GREATNESS of OUR people and OUR culture.

Invest time (or resources) in our community

  • If you have the time to spare versus the resources, find a local mentoring program and be active! If you don’t have one, create it!
  • Take time to introduce yourself or re-introduce yourself to your neighbors.  Start a neighborhood or community program such as fitness, gardening, or music, etc.
  • Use your skill set to unite your community.
  • If you have resources but little time, try to link up with someone with a program and help out financially.

Be Visible

  • Display the UAOA flag. Let it serve as a beacon for those who understand and support the movement as well as for those who don’t yet understand but feel a sincere need for change in their community.
  • Embrace your African heritage and your history! Be proud of your lineage. Study and share new knowledge when you can.