United Africans of America.
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About Us

United Africans of America is an organization committed to the restoration of “OUR culture and community” as a whole.

“OUR COMMUNITY” includes anyone who acknowledges that they are proud descendants of African peoples! Nationality, Religion, income, education, etc… have been, and still are in most cases, used as tools to keep us separated…. until now!

The goal for this organization is indivisible Unity through the introduction and most importantly, the application of a self governing system. The 5 Core Principles embodied by a UAOA supporter will serve as daily moral guidelines to help recalibrate the minds of our people, revive the Spirit of our Ancestors, and restore the essence of our community.

There is ONE front runner within this movement…YOU. Your action is the model needed to redirect our culture and the perception of ourselves throughout our own community. Be the change that you desire and collectively we can build a new future for the generations to come.